esullivanMany of the people named in LICENSED TO LIE, such as Attorney General Eric Holder, are in the news daily–often, not favorably.  But one of the heroes in this true legal thriller, is a real Article III federal judge of great integrity and courage.

Meet United States District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.  Judge Sullivan is one of the primary heroes because he helped uncover prosecutorial misconduct by the Public Integrity Section prosecutors for the Department of Justice in its corrupted prosecution of former United States Senator Ted Stevens.  He appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Department of Justice and its attorneys.

He is in the news now because he is presiding over the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Judicial Watch against the IRS seeking the emails of Lois Lerner and her nefarious colleagues, and he’s entered various orders discussed here, here and here, extracting information from the IRS.  Thanks to Judge Sullivan, we now know (and broke the news) that Lois Lerner’s blackberry was destroyed after the Congressional inquiry focused on her.



Another hero in Licensed to Lie is the man Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, in his foreword for Licensed to Lie, called “the fabled” Brendan Sullivan–the highly esteemed leader of Williams & Connolly in Washington DC.  Brendan Sullivan and his partner Rob Carey, Simon Latcovich and their team represented Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, fighting relentlessly until they uncovered egregious prosecutorial misconduct, important evidence the prosecutors hid from the defense, and obtained the dismissal of all charges against Senator Stevens.